Aeropress Go Coffee Maker

Includes: AeroPress Go Coffee Maker complete with mug with lid, 100 micro-filters in a storage carton, filter cap, filter holder, stirrer and scoop.


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The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker produces top quality coffee, it’s quick, simple, lightweight and portable. Like the original AeroPress coffee maker, this option brews american, espresso and cold brew style coffees to energise and refresh.

The AeroPress Go is compact and optimised for being on the go whether that be at work, in your caravan, hotel room or on a hike. The entire coffee maker with accessories fits inside the mug! 

We think it’s perfect for busy Mums and those who want to make great coffee, fast! The AeroPress method brews smooth and rich coffee by removing the acidity from coffee, and every cup is grit-free.

Your coffee can be ready in 30 seconds, press time is just 20 seconds.Cleaning is super easy (no fiddly bits!), so you can spend less time brewing and more time getting your coffee fix.

The AeroPress system results in uniform extraction for the ultimate coffee flavour – just add your coffee and water and follow the simple instructions included.


The AeroPress is a manual brewing method, you’ll need to heat water but this involves less energy consumption compared to an electric coffee maker.

The AeroPress paper filters are compostable and can be used multiple times with a simple rinse.

Used coffee grinds can be popped into your compost pile, used as fertiliser for your garden and can even be turned into a skin exfoliator! 

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