Making the Switch to Real Coffee

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Since we started trading 6 months ago we have had so many mums ask us about how to make the switch to ‘real coffee’ (i.e. not instant!). They love to drink real coffee and do so on a regular basis when someone makes it for them (i.e. their local barista), but don’t feel confident on how to make the switch themselves at home.

With this in mind we thought it would be helpful to put together a basic cafetiere brewing guide to share with you, as this is probably the easiest way to start with brewing your ground coffee at home.

Cafetieres are a simple way of brewing great coffee, they work well for both individual servings and brewing coffee for a group, so you can also make sure that you’re providing a solid foundation for those all important supportive conversations with your mum friends.

We recommend the cafetière as a good option for those wanting to make the move from instant to ground coffee.

Here’s our step by step guide

1. Boil your kettle and leave the water to cool for a minute
2. Add 14g of ground coffee per 220ml of water to your cafetière
3. Pour the hot water into the cafetière and stir 5 times
4. Replace the lid and allow the coffee to blossom for 4 minutes
5. Slowly plunge and serve
6. Add milk, chocolate sprinkles or whatever you like to your coffee (we like to add hot frothed milk & occasionally chocolate sprinkles!)
7. Enjoy!
8. Consider re-using the coffee grounds e.g. in the garden or to make a face mask

We hope this helps!

(We would love to see your brewing pictures and you sharing coffee with friends – make sure you tag us in any photos on social media! @tiredmumscoffee )

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