Guest Blog: Lisa Nicoletti-Chalk, Mindset & Weight Loss Online Coach

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Some of you may remember we chatted to Lisa about mindset and top down fitness from a Mums perspective in January 2023. We felt that what she had to say was so important and helpful that we asked her to write the first of our guest blogs. Enjoy!

Top-Down Fitness

I always say we are our own worst critic.

And what we are so good at is putting ourselves down – being a constant enabler to our own insecurities.

It was a habit that took me many years to break, but one I have. Don’t get me wrong there are times where I fall back into some of my old ways, but what I have done is change my perspective, and this has all been achieved by unpacking my past to acknowledge what happened. That then gave me the ability to focus on what truly mattered.

I am healthy. I am loved and I am happy.

The Golden Three

The biggest take away for me when figuring things out was to ensure that I was having fun and to simplify things. I then wanted to focus on how I would be able to help others who feel they never have time for themselves. And this is where my golden 3 was born. I want to educate people – how to make exercise fun, understand why we need to stay hydrated (inclusive of wine), and how to control anxiety and overwhelm through breathing.

1. Exercise

Let’s start with exercise. There is such a taboo around what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Yes, it is great for our overall health, but people fail to realise that there are so many ways that we can make it fun, as opposed to a chore. I want you to start seeing your home as a place of fun. Take the kitchen – the main hub of the house. If you look around there are plenty of objects there that will enable you to move and engage your body.

Look at that oven. I bet that there is a rail you can hold onto. Try to do some squats whilst waiting for something to cook.

Or what about filling that time waiting for the kettle to boil? Grab yourself a couple of cans from the cupboard and do some bicep curls. You could even hold them out to the side arms straight building those shoulders (we need the upper strength to help carry our little ones around).

These are all little things that we can do without having to get dressed in gym gear or even drive anywhere. They will soon become a daily habit without you realising.
What’s more, the children can get involved too!

2. Hydration (including wine!)

Now another thing we love to have in the kitchen is wine! Or any other alcoholic beverage of choice. What we also have is a tap that provides water (something perhaps we neglect from time to time). We need water to keep our body and mind hydrated. To help it function, keep your joints lubricated and improves sleep. We all know how important that is.

So do some walking lunges to the fridge, lunge back to the tap for a glass of water, and squat yourself into that chair for that well deserved rest.

All of this is about how we change our mindset, to put a spin on how we look at things that perhaps we initially had a negative perspective on.

3. Breathing – the 345 Method

And now my final golden nugget that I do to help keep my mind in check. Something that can be done anywhere, anytime. Use it when you are trying to pull yourself out of that moment of rage – perhaps the husband has asked for the hundredth time where something is (I know that mine does it constantly).

Anyway, I use this simple process called the 3, 4, 5 method – distracting my mind from the situation and focusing on controlling my breathing.

Start by breathing in nice and slowly for 3 seconds. Hold onto that breath for 4 seconds, then slowly release it whilst counting to 5. I find that his helps me to shift my focus. I am concentrating on my breathing which therefore allows for my mind to slow down, and I am no longer focussing on the frustration or rage I may have found myself in 12 seconds before.

You can also do this as a time to reflect on how God damn fabulous you are.

Everyone deserves a cheerleader. Learn to be your own. Never forget what an amazing job you are doing, and never forget why you are doing all of this.

The Fun & Calm Way

We have one life. Go and live it. The fun and calm way.

I hope these golden nuggets worked for you. Come and find me on @_lisanicoletti for more wise words from me. (

And if you fancy watching the chat in its entirety, just visit our youtube channel here Tired Mums Coffee Series 1 Episode 2 – ‘Top Down’ fitness and wellbeing with Lisa – YouTube

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