Aeropress Go Brewing Guide – Every Mum Needs One!

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Once you’ve made the switch to real coffee why not take it one step further and make sure you can access this coffee wherever you are.

Introducing every mum’s new best friend – the Aeropress Go.

The Aeropress Go coffee maker produces smooth, rich coffee by removing acidity. It’s quick, simple, lightweight and portable! Also, the entire coffee maker with accessories fits inside the travel cup!

Like a cafetiere, the Aeropress Go is a simple way of brewing coffee, and is perfect for individual servings literally on the go. There’s no need to compromise on the quality of your coffee when you’ve got one of these little heroes in your back pocket! And if your other mum friends have got one, what better way to make sure you can get together with great coffee over the summer activities and still have a solid foundation for those all important supportive conversations. (It also saves you money in the long run – you’re welcome!)

With this in mind we thought it would be helpful it we would put together a simple brewing guide to share with you and get you started.

Here’s our step by step guide


1. Heat your water to boiling
2. Pull the plunger out of the chamber
3. Take a filter paper and pop it into the filter cap
4. Twist the filter cap onto the chamber


5. Stand the chamber on the cup and add 1 heaped scoop of your favourite ground coffee (you can make up to 3 cups at a time, use one heaped scoop per cup)
6. Gently shake the chamber to level the ground coffee
7. Add the boiled water to the chamber and fill to 1, 2 or 3 cups depending on how many cups you’re making
8. Gently stir the coffee for 10 seconds
9. Insert the plunger into the chamber on an angle, then straighten and push about 1cm into the chamber
10. Let the coffee brew for 30 seconds
11. Plunge by applying gentle constant pressure, pause each time you feel resistance and keep going until you reach the coffee grounds
12. For espresso, leave as it is or add hot water to make an Americano
13. Add milk, chocolate sprinkles or whatever you like (we like to add hot frothed milk & occasionally chocolate sprinkles!)
14. Enjoy!

Clean up:

15. To clean, simply twist off the filter cap and push the plunger until you hear the coffee grounds pop out. Rinse the Aeropress.
16. Consider re-using coffee grounds e.g. in the garden or even in a homemade face mask

We hope this helps! Let us know how you get on!

(We would love to see your brewing pictures and you sharing coffee with friends – make sure you tag us in any photos on social media! @tiredmumscoffee )

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