We’re Gemma and Laura, two tired Mums on a mission to boost the motherhood experience through creating an inclusive community for all

We have four daughters between us, and they certainly keep us on our toes!

Our paths first crossed during our NHS careers and one day, over a conversation in a soft play centre with coffees in hand, the concept of Tired Mums Coffee was born!

We were both on our second maternity leave at the time and were noticing a lack of peer support for Mums. We had also recently learned of a tragic suicide of a mother and decided that we wanted to make things better.

We’ve both developed a deep love of coffee, especially since becoming increasingly sleep deprived in recent years, which led us to explore how coffee could be used to make positive change.

Tired Mums Coffee
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Tired Mums Coffee Dots

Our mission is to use coffee as a tool to support the motherhood community, one cup at a time.

Tired Mums Coffee strives to boost the motherhood experience through great tasting coffee with a purpose.

We aim to continue growing a peer support community that is accessible by all and based upon our values – non-judgemental, inclusive, welcoming and honest. The community will be a place to share the highs and support the lows – some days it’s just about survival!

Our vision is to leave a legacy for future Mums, including our own daughters if they choose to have children, by improving their experiences of motherhood and encouraging knowledge sharing across generations.

There are many ways in which we can deliver our mission and we’re currently focussing on:

  • launching a free virtual chat series with special guests
  • sharing real life stories and practical tips through a free survival guide for Mums
  • developing our own range of delicious, specialty coffee blends
  • donating 1% of all coffee revenue to charities/not for profits who support Mums
  • donating our specialty coffee to groups that support Mums
  • designing face to face workshops for Mums
  • carefully selecting suppliers and creating partnerships with businesses who align to our values and care about the environment
  • keeping corporate and social responsibility at the heart of what we do

We’re two tired Mums with four daughters and three dogs between us, and they certainly keep us on our toes!

As is probably quite apparent by now, we’ve developed a deep love of coffee due to long periods of extreme sleep deprivation, and spent many hours during our maternity leave having great conversations over coffee. From delirious laughter to tears of exhaustion, outings in the fresh air and the odd ‘poonami’, a good cup of coffee has been at the center of our support.

We both share the same passion for making things better for Mums and between us we have business and psychology degrees, a chartered accountancy qualification and lots of experience in running busy NHS hospitals and other small businesses too. We are also both qualified Mental Health First Aiders.

Having built a friendship second to a working relationship, our skill sets are almost complete opposites yet complement each other. With one of us being partial to a spreadsheet late at night and keeping a steady, methodical flow to everything, the other is an early bird (admittedly not by choice currently) opting for pen and paper with lots of arrows and has a more chaotic work flow. This certainly keeps things interesting, helps us come up with exciting ideas and ensures we make decisions that are true to both our community and business values.

Tired Mums Coffee Dots

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